Student Access Workshops

Workshops Offered:

Academic & Career Exploration

  • Creating Your College Bucket List: Explore, Experience, Succeed
  • Exploring Careers & Choosing a Major
  • Mastering The Job Interview
  • Maximizing Your College Experience
  • What It Takes To Be A Successful Student
  • Writing Effective Resumes & Cover Letters

Learning To Learn

  • Academic Integrity: The Do's and Don'ts
  • 10 Habits of Mind for College Success
  • Classroom Expectations & Behaviors
  • Developing Critical Thinking Skills
  • Exam Preparation Tips & Test-Taking Strategies
  • Handling Failure In & Out Of The Classroom
  • How to Reduce Test Anxiety
  • How To Succeed in Math
  • Information Literacy: How To Master College Research
  • Study Tips & Note-Taking Strategies
  • The Difference Between High School & College
  • Learning Strategies Every Student Should Know
  • Preparing For Final Exams
  • Understanding & Avoiding Plagiarism

Online Learning

  • 10 Tips For Success In Your Online Course
  • Effectively Communicating Online
  • Online Courses: Staying Motivated & Disciplined
  • Taking Tests Online: Strategies For Success

Reading & Writing Strategies

  • Developing A Strong Thesis Statement
  • Drafting Introductions, Body Paragraphs & Conclusions
  • Pre-Writing Techniques: Planning & Idea Development
  • Reading Comprehension Strategies
  • The Revision Process: How To Proofread & Edit Your Writing

Personal Management

  • Emotional Intelligence: The Other Key To Academic Success
  • Financial Literacy: Smart Money Skills for College and Beyond
  • How To Achieve Well-Being, Balance & Success
  • How To Develop Your Cross-Cultural Skills
  • How Your Personality Style May Impact Your Academic Success
  • Improving Student-Faculty Relationships
  • Mental Health & Suicide: Helping Yourself & Others
  • Navigating The Financial Aid Process
  • Overcoming Procrastination: Causes & Cures
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Setting & Accomplishing Realistic Goals
  • Sexual Violence Awareness & Prevention: A Title IX Training For Students
  • Time Management: Strategies For Success

Success Strategies

  • Discover Your Learning Style Preferences
  • Leading As A Student-Athlete In & Out Of The Classroom
  • Student Veterans: How To Succeed In College
  • Success Strategies For First-Generation Students
  • Success Strategies For Students On Probration

Student Leaders' Reviews

Cardinal Ready Workshops

Aurora Maldonado

Aurora Maldonado

Major: Social Work
Student Director, Community Engagement
Nancy Evans Memorial Scholar

Aurora's Reviews

Workshop: Discover Your Learning Style Preferences

"This workshop is truly valuable because it includes an actual survey (VARK) that gives students an idea of how they most process information and learn. It then details what these different ways of learning (visual, aural, read/write, kinesthetic, multimodal) entail and how students can use this knowledge to their advantage in academics. In conclusion, this workshop is one that has the potential to empower students by helping them understand their unique, preferred ways of learning."

Workshop: Overcoming Procrastination: Causes & Cures

"This workshop goes over some of the psychology behind procrastination and provides some realistic ways to notice and overcoming procrastination. Overall, it was a relatively well-timed and well-paced workshop that could be useful for incoming students as a precaution, but even more so for returning students who might need to have a procrastination 'intervention'. "

Workshop: Pre-Writing Techniques

"This workshop goes over the basics of the writing process-how to approach thinking of topic ideas, planning the assignment and then actually starting to write. It also ties in different approaches to the writing process based on individual learning styles. The workshop is relatively short and flows easily, making it an important initial resource when writing for both new and returning students (as a refresher) in their often fast-paced days."

Workshop: Learning Strategies Every Student Should Know

"This workshop is another good resource to help students--both incoming and returning--become more self-aware and proactive about how they learn. By hearing about learning strategies and the study process, students gain information that make them cognizant of how they approach learning and how they can become more intentional in their academic efforts. In addition, the workshop is short and extremely useful. "

Workshop: Sexual Violence Awareness & Prevention: A Title IX Training for Students

"This is a very important workshop and training that addresses sexual violence in general and that which could occur on college/university campuses. It also discusses false stereotypes that surround the issue of sexual violence. By walking students through the various aspects of sexual violence and through the steps of preventing and reporting instances of these, students gain insightful and very important information for themselves and others. This should be an essential workshop offered to new incoming students and to returning students as a reminder."

Workshop: How to Master College Research

"This workshop is as comprehensive as it can be and it is a great resource for new incoming students. It goes over different sources from web pages to scholarly articles, and it discusses ways to discern what is an appropriate source according to an assignment. This workshop is a relatively short overview of information any new or returning student could find valuable in the transition to higher education-level course work."

Workshop: The Difference Between High School and College

"This workshop informs recent high school graduates of the realistic changes they can encounter in college in the different environments, pace-of-life and the changes/growth they can expect to encounter with regards to how they approach academics and their lifestyles. Thus, the workshop offers useful college prepping information."

Workshop: Exploring Careers & Choosing a Major

"This workshop was a bit lengthy but that was only because it was comprehensive in sharing ways that students can approach choosing a major. It covers basic concepts that students most likely would already have done, like self-reflecting about their personalities and interests, but it also mentions short and long term goal planning and skills they might want to gain through various forms of involvement. This is a good approach since most incoming students might not come in with such plans for after-graduation readiness. "

Workshop: How to Develop Your Cross-Cultural Skills

"This workshop is extremely well prepared. It flows easily,  includes videos and attractive graphics, and it approaches the topics of cultural awareness and inclusiveness in an appropriate way. This is a valuable workshop for both majority and non-majority students, though it speaks more to majority students. By discussing ethnocentrism, the fact that our cognition works in simplified ways that often skew our perceptions and by offering proactive ideas on how students can become self-aware and more culturally competent, this workshop is a good fit for students who might not take classes that discuss such topics in their chosen majors". 

Workshop: 10 Habits of Mind for College Success

"This workshop shares truly valuable information and tips for self-awareness and self-improvement. It discusses topics such as developing a growth-mindset and humility, to name a few."

Workshop: Reading Comprehension Strategies

"This workshop gave useful tips for breaking down and understanding reading passages similar to college text books. It included an interactive strategy that allowed students to practice what they'd learned. "

Workshop: The Revision Process: How to Proofread & Edit Your Writing

"This workshop gave both common sense and unique writing revision tips. It also included an interactive component that might help students with content comprehension."

Workshop: Mastering the Job Interview

"This workshop gave realistic tips for a successful job interview. The simple and easy to follow tips, followed by interview examples that allowed participants to spot skills they learned being used, provides for a time-efficient and attractive workshop for students."

Workshop: Financial Literacy--Smart Money Skills For College & Beyond

"This workshop was easy to follow and provides helpful budget planning tips--it is especially relevant because the instructor discusses different 'college student financial situations'. Having financial literacy tips for starting out as a freshman and as a graduating senior will be helpful for participants."

Alejandro GoM.E.z

Alejandro Gomez

Major: Mechanical Engineer
Student Director, S.O.A.R. 
Nancy Evans memorial Scholar

Alejandro's Reviews

Workshop: Academic Integrity: The Do's and Don'ts 

"This workshop would be very helpful to anyone that is about to enter college. It explains what academic integrity is and why it's important. The scenarios provided in the workshop allow for students to learn about what to do to protect their academic integrity how to avoid and get out of situations that put them at risk of violating their academic integrity. "

Workshop: Handling Failure In & Out of The Classroom 

“This workshop is very helpful and shares information that would help any student that is entering college. It explains how the failure of any kind whether it is failing a test, class or term, is not a reflection of your self-worth but rather an opportunity to make the necessary changes to improve. Having this type of mindset early into college can help any student from becoming unmotivated and helpless when they encounter any failures.” 

Workshop: Exam Preparation Tips & Test-Taking Strategies 

“This workshop provided very helpful tips that make taking exams easier and less terrifying. My favorite tips from this workshop were learning how to read each answer choice as a true or false question, answering the question without looking at the answer choices first and, reviewing the learning material after taking the exam. All of these tips are guaranteed to help students be calmer when taking tests.” 

Workshop: How Your Personality Style May Impact Your Academic Success

"This workshop was very helpful and engaging. It provided information that would help students identify their personalities as well as the ones of their peers in order to improve teamwork skills and academic skills. I also really enjoyed the small quiz that was provided in the middle of the lesson; as it helped me identify my own personality."

Workshop: Creating Your College Bucket List: Explore, Experience, Succeed

Because the speaker, Julian Gordon, was a young adult like me. He presented four characteristics that he claimed were very important after college and listed ways to strengthen them. I would love to see more young speakers in these workshops as they often seem more relatable to us!"

Workshop: Mastering The Job Interview

"This workshop provided very useful information regarding interviews and how to have a successful interview. What I liked the most about this workshop was that it also included two sample videos that demonstrated examples of a "bad interview" and a "good interview," and it was up to me to spot what were the mistakes. This type of interaction ensures that I have processed all important information from the workshop, and I would love to see more of this type of interaction."