Event spaces at Lamar University are open to the public but official campus events receive priority booking.  No rental fee is charged for single-day, catered use of Event Management venues for official university-sponsored events. University-sponsored events are defined as those where the guest list is made up of Lamar University faculty, staff, and or students.

University employees and alumni may not reserve Event Management venues free of charge but might be eligible for a 10% discount on the venue rental fee. The discount does not apply to other services or additional rentals. 

Venues are not formally reserved until a non-refundable deposit is received and a contract is executed. Non-university event hosts must submit required documents prior to payment and contract execution. 

Rental fees apply only to the use of the room, chairs, and tables. Other items must be secured at an additional cost. 

For a full listing of Event Management procedures and regulations, visit our Policy section. 

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or after 5 p.m by appointment)

Saturday (by appointment only)


To reserve an Event Management venue, prospective hosts are required to submit a reservation request. For a complete listing of our venues and links to venue request forms, please visit our Event Management Venues page. Calling ahead to confirm available dates is strongly recommended. 

Please note that the reservation request does not confirm your event- please review the following policies to guarantee your booking:

  1. Allow 3-5 business days for processing all requests.
  2. Allow additional processing time for requests made during holidays, weekends, or other campus closures. 
  3. Event Management venues are available for Lamar-affiliated (internal) events as well as unaffiliated (external events) such as weddings, company parties, meetings, etc. 
    1. No rental fee is charged for catered, university-sponsored events but fees may be assessed for multi-day use by a group. Any damage to property by the hosting entity may result in a fine or a fee for any inventory in need of repair or replacement.
      1. The Department of Event Management reserves the right to assess rental or usage fees if the hosting entity's affiliation to Lamar is not apparent.
        • Examples of university-sponsored groups include but are not limited to:
          • Student organizations with a faculty or staff sponsor
          • Faculty
          • Staff
          • Organizations that award scholarships to students (may be subject to approval by the President or Vice President of University Advancement)
    2. All catered events require the use of table linens (on dining tables) and centerpieces. See Linens Policy below for more information. 
    3. Lamar University employees and alumni are eligible for a 10% discount on the venue rental fee only. This discount does not apply to any other services or rentals. 
    4. Paid/external events require both the aforementioned reservation request submission and a binding contract
      1. More information regarding contracts and required documents can be found in the Contracts section to follow.
    5. Events will not be confirmed without a reservation request form for the appropriate venue.


Student Organizations

  1. Students may not reserve Event Management venues. Reservations may only be made by members of faculty or staff. 
    • Event Management will not confirm an event or calendar entry with students
  2. The Faculty or Staff Sponsor must agree to be present for the full duration of the event.
  3. The Sponsor must acknowledge that the organization is aware of the Student Code of Conduct.
  4. Alcohol is not permitted at events hosted by student organizations.
  5. No rental fee is currently assessed for the use of Event Management venues for student groups but the use of catering is required to reserve the 8th Floor of the Mary and John Gray Library.


Cancellations and Changes

  1. Requests to cancel or change a reservation must be made at least five (5) business days ahead of the scheduled event and are subject to calendar availability. All requests to change a reservation must be submitted in writing.
    1. Reservation changes made within ten days of an external event may be subject to penalty or loss such as the forfeiture of deposited funds.
    2. Campus or student events canceled within three days may be subject to an indefinite moratorium on future requests.
    3. In the event of cancellation, it is the event host's responsibility to cancel any additional reservations such e.g. catering or security.
    4. If the event is canceled, the hosting party is required to notify the Department of Event Management


Recurring Events

  1. Event hosts may submit one reservation request for recurring events but a new form must be submitted for any/each change to the series.
  2. Changes or cancellations within the series should also be submitted in writing to Event Management via luecreservations@lamar.edu

Invoicing and Contracts

Paid events (or events otherwise unaffiliated with Lamar University) require a contract to be generated by the Department of Event Management and subject to approval by Administrative Services. 

  1. After processing and approving a request, Event Management will invoice the prospective event host based on the information provided in the reservation request form. The hosting entity is responsible for reviewing the invoice and advise of any changes. The invoice should not be paid at this time but only once the contract is fully executed, at which point, one half of the total amount is due as a deposit. The remainder is due three (3) days prior the event.
    1. The total invoiced amount will reflect the cost of the venue rental for the standard four-hour period* along with any extra time purchased and any linen or equipment rental.
      • *CICE rates refer to eight-hour periods.
    2. The total will not reflect costs associated with security, catering, vendor-direct rentals, etc.
    3. The invoice should be reviewed by the host for accuracy.
  2. If the invoice needs no revision or amendment, 50 percent (50%) of the total amount is due immediately upon execution of the contract. The remainder of the balance is due no later than three (3) days prior to the event.


Required Documents

  1. In order to generate the contract, the prospective host must provide some or all of the following required documents within five (5) business days of receiving the invoice:
    1. W-9 (Required for businesses, organizations, foundations)
      • Individuals may submit a W-9 or contact information amounting to that found on a W-9
    2. Proof of Liability Insurance in the amount of 1 million dollars with Lamar University named as an additional insured party. Insurance may be purchased through the school by contacting:
      • Gary Rash at (409)-880-7115 or 
      • Akilah Cooper at (409)-880-8008
        1. Insurance is a separate cost and will not appear on the Event Management invoice.
        2. Insurance is required at all Event Management venues.
    3. Alcohol Use Application- Required if you plan to serve alcohol. Complete the form by providing information in the indicated areas and submit via the process outlined below. Event Management will submit the document on your behalf for approval by the President or the Chief Financial Officer.
      1. Security is required at all events where alcohol is served.
      2. Security fees are separate from the venue rental fee and will not appear on the Event Management invoice.
      3. To request a quote and book security for your event, please contact:
        • Staff Sergeant Carl Hollier at (409) 880-8312 or carl.hollier@lamar.edu
        • Abbie Perez, LUPD Training and Special Events Coordinator at (409)-880-8306 or abbie.torres@lamar.edu 
    4. Required documents should be submitted via the Submit Required Documents form.


Fee Waiver Requests

  1. Fee waiver requests must be approved by the Vice President of University Advancement. Eligibility for fee waiver approval may be based on the following considerations:
    1. Events conducted by an organization that actively supports Lamar University through scholarship underwriting or academic collaboration
    2. Events conducted by a City of Beaumont department or commission, or a county, state, federal or municipal organization
    3. When the goals and objectives of the event are aimed to develop and advance Lamar University 

Catering and Alcoholic Beverages

Use of Event Management Venues is restricted to catered events. Cardinal Catering (Chartwells) is the sole provider of catering services for events on the 8th Floor of the Mary and John Gray Library and the Executive Event Space in the Wayne A. Reaud Building. It is the preferred vendor at all other Event Management venues.

  1. To find more information about menus, pricing, and availability, contact: 
  2. With the exception of the 8th Floor and the Executive Event Space, catering at other Event Management venues may be arranged through off-campus catering defined as "full-service." If catering is provided by another vendor, the catering staff must stay throughout the duration of the event to serve or monitor buffets and must dispose of all trash immediately following the event. Non-Chartwells caterers must be able to provide:
    • Servingware e.g. china or disposable plates, as agreed
    • Paper napkins
    • Glassware or disposable cups
    • Warming/cooling equipment
    • Chafing dishes, serving utensils
  3. Potluck or "bring your own dish" events are not permitted at any of the Event Management venues

 Remitting Payment

Catering fees are paid directly to Chartwells. A 50% deposit will be paid at the time the order is placed. The remaining balance is due three (3) days prior to the event. A service fee will be added to all food and beverage totals, with the exception of cash bars. 

Guest Count

Event Management will not provide seating in excess of the number provided to Chartwells. It is the host's responsibility to advise both Event Management and Chartwells staff on changes to the guest count at least three (3) days prior to the event. 

The headcount provided to catering must match the number provided to Event Management. If the number of guests on the catering order is less than the number provided to the Event Management team, the layout will be adjusted based on the catering order.

It is important to notify both Chartwells and Event Management of any changes to your headcount.


Serving Alcoholic Beverages

Social events with alcohol are subject to both Lamar University policy and the code established by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission

  1. Alcoholic beverages are not to be possessed, served, or consumed on campus except as provided for in this policy or other policies enumerated by Lamar University. All social events at which alcoholic beverages are served must be approved by the President or the Chief Financial Officer via the Alcohol Use Application
  2. Alcoholic beverages may not be served until after 5 pm on weekdays without explicit authorization from the President.
  3. Beverage and bartender service will be discontinued thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled end of all events
  4. Alcoholic beverages are restricted to approved areas and specific areas designated on the reservation form.
  5. Alcohol is not permitted at events hosted by student organizations
  6. No wine bottles allowed on tables
  7. Chartwells will ask to see the identification of individuals who appear to be under the legal age.
  8. Chartwells reserves the right to refuse service
  9. A bartender will serve all alcoholc beverages
  10. Outside alcohol is strictly prohibited
  11. Security is mandatory for events with alcohol and will constitute a separate cost.
    1. To request a quote and book security for your event, please contact:

Linens and Decor

Buffet and Bar Coverings

  1. Buffet and bar coverings are mandatory. Chartwells will provide these on the 8th Floor (and at any Event Management venue where they do not have exclusivity) as long as their catering services have been reserved. Event Management will provide linens in all other scenarios unless the host elects to rent specialty linens. Event Management may assess a cleaning or damage fee for excessive wear and tear.


Table Linens

  1. Table linens are required for seated meals at all Event Management venues.
  2. The host may elect to rent specialty linens from a third-party vendor or from the available Event Management inventory. If not, Event Management will provide polyester, floor-length tablecloths or black spandex table skirts at no cost to university-sponsored events. BOTH the polyester floor-length linens and spandex must be used with Chartwells overlays. Inventory permitting, the host may use only the polyester floor-length cloths but must agree to pay for associated laundering costs.
  3. Events unaffiliated with Lamar must rent specialty linens or rent from the available Event Management inventory.


Classroom-Style Table Linens

Event Management will provide spandex (brown or black) tablecloths for classroom-style seating at the 8th Floor of the Mary and John Gray Library and at the Executive Event Space at the Wayne A. Reaud Administration Building. Spandex table covers are not required at the remaining Event Management venues.



  1. Chartwells will provide (at cost) cloth napkins/paper beverage or luncheon napkins at all events on the 8th Floor of the Library or whenever their services are engaged at other Event Management venues.
  2. The Event Host may also rent napkins form a third-party vendor.
  3. Paper napkins are required for bar service as well as receptions and casual buffets where guests may stand rather than sit.


Floral Arrangements

Floral arrangements must be complete when they are delivered. Construction on site is not permitted.



The use of candles is permitted only on the 8th Floor of the Mary and John Gray Library. The event host must provide votive candles to be used inside either votive holders from the Event Management inventory or approved votive holders provided by the host or a vendor.


Outside Vendors or Event Planners

All items brought into Event Management venues by outside vendors, event planners, or hosts are the responsibility of those parties. Event Management staff is limited and not responsible for setting up or breaking down equipment, props, decorations, or other items that do not belong to the university. Personal property must be removed following the event. 


Prohibited Items

  • Glitter
  • Confetti
  • Rice
  • Birdseed
  • Bubbles
  • Flower petals
  • Spray paint
  • Liquid dye
  • At no time may anything be stuck to tables, walls, or any other permanent part of the venue.


Media Equipment Available at Event Management Venues

Event Management venues are equipped as follows:

  • Mary and John Gray Library
    • Julia Plummer Room
      • Projectors (2)
      • Projector Screens (2)
      • Additional flat-screen displays (2)
      • Lecterns with technology package e.g. HDMI, VGA, RCA (2)
      • Microphones (wired, wireless, lavalier)
      • Laptop (2)
      • Background Music, Room Combine
    • Patillo Higgins "Spindletop" Room
      • Projector (1)
      • Screen (1)
      • Lecterns with technology package e.g. HDMI, VGA, RCA (2)
      • Microphones (wired, wireless, lavalier)
      • Laptop (2)
      • Background Music, Room Combine
    • Lamar Room
      • Lecterns with technology package e.g. HDMI, VGA, RCA (2)
      • Laptop (2)
      • Background Music, Room Combine


  • Wayne A. Reaud Administration Building
    • Executive Event Space
      • Projector (1)
      • Screens (2)
      • Lectern with technology package e.g. HDMI, VGA, RCA (1)
      • Microphones (wired, wireless)


  • CICE
    • Training Room 113 
      • Flat-screen displays (2)
      • Additional screens (2)
      • Portable lectern (2)
      • Microphone (wired)
      • Local speaker system


When to Involve Media Services

A representative from Media Services is required whenever the President, Provost, or another member of the administration is invited to speak or participate in an event. 

The hosting department is responsible for notifying Media Services

Media Services may agree to provide:

  • On-site support for your event
  • Specialty microphones e.g. for panel discussions, board meetings, etc.
  • Laptops, slide advancing remotes, etc.


Host-Provided Laptops

Event hosts and speakers are welcome to provide their own laptops but Mac users should try to bring any necessary adapters. 


WiFi, Connectivity, Advanced Troubleshooting and Equipment Tests

Lamar University is equipped with WiFi but event hosts should make every effort to test media during normal business hours the day prior to an event. A follow-up test is highly-recommended before 3 pm on the day of the event.

Events that occur after-hours may not have the full benefit of IT support unless the event host has made arrangements for a representative from Media Services to be present. 


Electronic Invitation Policy

Electronic invitations may be sent in lieu of or in addition to print invitations. To request an electronic invitation for your Lamar-affiliated event, please complete an Invitation Request Form

  1. Allow 3-5 business days for invitation requests to be received and processed.
  2. Make all requests at least 20 business days ahead of your event to allow for processing and proofing. 
  3. Guests should have- at a minimum- 14 business days to view the invitation and respond. Your RSVP Deadline should be early enough to allow you to provide a final headcount to the caterer 3 days prior to your event.
  4. Event Management will provide you- the Event Host- with access to our electronic invitation system as a temporary "co-host". This feature will allow you to view live RSVP data. 
  5. The default header for all invitations is the registered trademarked logo for Lamar University. If you wish to request a new image for your event, contact Cynthia Hicks, Creative Director for the Department of Marketing and Communications.

To learn more about what you need to submit your request, please visit our page on Creating Invitations.

To better understand the timeline for your event and when to send invitations, Start Here to Plan Your Event


Print Invitations

Print invitations for Lamar University-affiliated events must be approved by Daniel McLemore, Associate Director of Marking Communications. 

Weddings and Receptions

Weddings and Receptions may be hosted on the 8th Floor of the Mary and John Gray Library from mid-May to mid-August only. Please note that in 2021, due to a planned construction project, the 8th Floor will be unavailable from July 5th to August 31, tentatively.
  • Wedding and Reception (all 3 rooms) $3,550
  • Wedding Reception (all 3 rooms) $3,250
  • Plummer Room $1,200
  • Spindletop Room $700
  • Lamar Room $500

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday (8 am to 5 pm or by appointment)

Saturday (by appointment)

Explanation of Rates and Purchased Time

Prices are quoted in four-hour blocks.

One additional hour is allotted for cleanup immediately following your event and four hours immediately prior to your ceremony/reception. All deliveries from vendors should occur within this timeframe and be approved by Event Management staff.

  • If both a wedding ceremony and reception are conducted in The University Event Center an additional hour is allowed for a ceremony immediately preceding the reception. One and a half hours are allowed the evening before the wedding for a rehearsal. The time of the rehearsal must be coordinated with the director of The University Event Center.
  • One hour is allowed following the conclusion of your reception for removal of personal items. All personal items must be removed within that hour or additional time must be purchased.
    • At the discretion of Event Management, alternate arrangements may be considered based on the venue schedule and the size of the breakdown, e.g., weekend or evening event hosts may be asked move centerpieces and other items to another room to accommodate for an early reset on the next business day.)
  • Included with your rental fee are four additional hours in the space immediately prior to your event. Any deliveries from vendors (e.g. flowers, band or DJ equipment, wedding cake, etc.) should occur during this time and approved by Event Management staff. (Please see the list of prohibited items.)
    • If this time is used as preparation time for the bridal party, consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.
  • On the business day prior to your wedding or reception, you may coordinate delivery or decoration any time between 2 pm and 5 pm and will not extend past stated Hours of Operation.

 Purchasing Additional Time

Additional time may be purchased at the rate of $100/hour.