Policies and Guidelines

The Office of Marketing Communications is responsible for maintaining a consistent editorial and graphic identity in all official Lamar University publications, advertising, signage, websites, emails and other public visual and written communications.

The following policies are in place to ensure this consistency:

Mass Email Policy

Mass Email Policy & Procedures

A mass email is email sent to "all faculty", "all staff", or "all students".  These types of emails will be restricted to email messages that are expected to be of interest and/or of importance to a majority of the individuals.
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Web Use Policy

Web Governance Policy

Lamar University recognizes the value and potential of utilizing the Internet and hence allows and encourages students, staff and faculty to use the university’s Internet resources and network within established guidelines.
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Mass Email Policy

Social Media Policy

Lamar University is committed to making the best use of all available technology and innovation. This includes using all reasonable and cost-effective means to improve communication and interaction with the individuals and communities we serve.
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University Visual Standards

Visual Standards Guide

The Lamar University Visual Standards Guide is a resource for all members of the Lamar University community and the vendors who work with the university. It is designed to ensure consistent and appropriate use of Lamar University’s visual identity and athletic logos.   View the Visual Standards Guides

Video Standards Guide

Video Standards Guide

Online video is extremely popular. It's persuasive, globally available in multiple platforms and It can convey the Lamar University experience — the people and the places — in a way that few other communication vehicles can.
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Audio Standards Guide

Audio Standards Guide

The Lamar University Audio Standards Guide is aimed at capturing the best possible representation of LU sounds and student's statements. Audio recordings can enhance Lamar University communications as stand-alone pieces or as components of larger multimedia projects.
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