Artist Joan Winter

Winter is a Dallas sculptor and printmaker who studied art and architecture at Texas Tech University, earning a B.A. in 1969. She completed her M.F.A. at SMU in 1993 with a focus on sculpture and printmaking. Winter worked as a space planner for an architectural firm contracted to design the Kimbell Art Museum where she met architect Louis Kahn. His philosophy of elevating form beyond materiality greatly influenced her. She also has an affinity for Japanese architecture and the way spaces emphasize light and transparency as primary elements. Winter’s etchings investigate the relationship of space, time and movement, more specifically in terms of the variations of light and shadow during the day and from one season to the next. Winter has exhibited work in galleries and museums throughout Texas, as well as in New York, Atlanta, Chicago and California. Her work can be found in the permanent collections of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, the Tyler Museum of Art and the Museum of Texas Tech University.


First Light Morning Noon Night

Deep Series Suite: First Light, Morning, Noon, Night

Year: 2018
Medium: Aquatint Etchings
Editon: 1/6
Location: Science & Technology Building

Winter used an experimental aquatint process to create the copper plate for this etching series which references both waterfall and cloud images she has used in other works. She also developed several unique ink colors to represent the subtle shifts in color caused by sunlight at different times of day. Winter collaborated with master printer Katherine Brimberry of Flatbed Press in Austin for this project.

“Art, for me, is still and silent, both physical and emotional, and lives by companionship and contemplation. Uniting all of my work is the desire to reveal the essential and timeless nature of form. I am searching for ethereal qualities concealed between the layers of the visible and invisible, between light and shadow.”