LU Marketplace Terms and Conditions

This agreement covers the use of Lamar University Marketplace and TouchNet systems supporting online credit card transactions.

Store Approval

  • All requests for a store in LU Marketplace should be submitted via a LU Marketplace Store Site Request. The Finance office will look at each department's needs and subsequently approve or deny all applications. If approved, the Web Communications office will work with you to set-up your online store.

Acceptable Activity

  • Only pre-approved E-Commerce activities will be conducted through Lamar University's Marketplace. Specifically, only the business activity specified on the LU Marketplace Store Site Request will be conducted. Any changes to goods, services, or activities require the approval of the Finance office. Under no circumstances should new products, product categories, images, layout, or general ledger changes be made on the departmental level.
  • All administrative set-up will be done solely by the Web Communications office. This is done in an effort to maintain the Lamar University brand, relieve administrative demands placed on departments, and to increase efficiencies. Any changes to an existing LU Marketplace store can be made by submitting a change request through the Manage/Create My Store request form. Requests will be promptly addressed.
  • No E-Commerce activity will be used for personal gain or in any manner that is deemed unethical. The University reserves the right to define what constitutes "unethical" activity and to determine the appropriateness of E-Commerce activities.
  • Unauthorized use of LU Marketplace will result in disciplinary action.

Departmental Responsibility

  • If selling physical merchandise, each department will designate one or more persons, which will be responsible for fulfilling and shipping all orders.
  • Departments are responsible for tracking and maintaining inventory and reconciling revenues generated through their store on a monthly basis. It may be necessary to reconcile more often dependent on volume.
  • Every department maintaining a store within Lamar University’s Marketplace is expected to provide a high level of customer service. The department will designate a contact person on their site for any customer inquiries.
  • The following practices should be observed as well: prompt and accurate fulfillment of orders, prompt customer notification regarding any problems or delays in an order, timely acknowledgement of consumer billing complaints, and timely refunding of payments in accordance with the store's refund policy.


  • Where a manufacturer's warranty is provided, a statement disclaiming responsibility for warranty fulfillment by Lamar University shall be made.

Transmission, Storage, and Use of Information

  • All relevant University policies will be followed.
  • Only the information necessary to complete the business activity will be collected or stored.
  • Personal identifying information will only be used for the purpose of completing the business activity. It will not be shared with any third party for any purpose unless the customer is explicitly informed and allowed the option to opt-out.
  • All applicable federal and state laws concerning storage, retention, use, release, and destruction of data will be observed
  • LU Marketplace merchants will not collect or store full card numbers and/or security codes in any form unless entered directly into the E-Commerce webpage by the customer.

Changes to Guidelines

  • The University has the right to update and change these guidelines at any time as needed. Continuation of E-Commerce activity through LU Marketplace constitutes acceptance of any changes


  • The card brands (VISA, MasterCard, etc.) charge a fee for using their payment networks. The exact fee varies by the type of card the customer uses (rewards, corporate, etc.) and consequently changes from month to month. It generally ranges from 2-4% of each transaction, so Finance recommends reserving up to 5% of each transaction for credit card fees. Once a month this expense is charged to a non E&G Banner Index of your choosing.
  • Lamar University also incurs an expense for utilizing the E-Commerce system currently operated and maintained by TouchNet. As a user of this system, you agree to contribute to its maintenance by paying a rate of $0.50 per transaction. This expense will be charged monthly against the same account as the credit card service fees.
  • You acknowledge that fees are NOT automatically added to the amount of any transaction. It is your responsibility to incorporate the cost of doing business in the price of your goods and maintain sufficient budget in your Banner index to cover these charges.
  • Credit card chargebacks can also occur against your account. Chargebacks are credit card transactions that your customer has disputed and requested a refund.


  • Access is granted through user id and password security system.
  • Do not share user id or password.
  • User must change password received upon initial login.
  • Log out of database if computer is to be unattended by the authorized user.
  • Do not share confidential information about a customer (i.e. address, phone, etc.).
  • Please perform all refunds according to Lamar University Policies and Procedures. Please verify all totals before the refund is submitted.
  • Do not attempt to refund in excess of the original amount of the transaction.
  • Do not allow unauthorized users to process refunds with authorized user’s login.
  • Segregation of duties must be followed in the refund process.
  • For issues related to passwords, please contact Web Communications by email:

If an authorized user changes employment or job responsibilities, Web Communications must be notified immediately by email:

Your LU Marketplace store site request will be sent to the dean or vice president of your department for approval before being considered by the Finance office.