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Icarus SculptureJack Brooks SculptureMusical Stele SculptureSpirit ColumnsFlower SculptureMirabeau StatueBas Relief 3Bas Relief 1Bas Relief 2Bas Relief 4Bas Relief 5Lyric by Lin EmeryWillful Suspension of Disbelief by Steve MurphyWelcome Center Structure


Davy Jones LockerNight GardenRobbing Peter to Pay PaulSearching for Evangeline Forest from the Treesme and My ArrowWatercourse WayRaptor: Order and Disorder by Ken Dixon


FlamingoButterflyOaks -1Slent Birds - Keith CarterHusk Corn by Dornith DohertySeed Viability X-Rays by Dornith DohertySunflowers by Dornith DohertyWrithing River- Liz Ward Carter - Egrets Keith Carter - Moss Keith Carter - Little Cow CreekKeith Carter - Sunrise Keith Carter - Cypress SwampPrince Thomas - Ancestors XIIPraetorian Guard by James Drake


Deep Series Suite by Joan Winter Extended Orbits by Randy TwaddleLanguage of Birds - Mel Chin