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Lamar University engages in the risk reduction strategies to limit the risk of sexual misconduct for the campus community. Every incoming student, including undergraduate transfer students and international students, and new employees shall attend prevention and education training or orientation regarding sexual misconduct and the campus sexual assault policy during the first semester or term of enrollment or employment. Lamar University facilitates an online education and prevention training program designed to promote awareness of sexual offenses and to incorporate risk reduction strategies to enable community members to take a role in preventing and interrupting incidents of sexual misconduct.

Title IX Training for All Staff and Faculty

Lamar University has contracted with EVERFI, ("LawRoom") to provide an online training course titled “Harassment and Discrimination Prevention” to create awareness and enable community members to take a proactive role in preventing and interrupting incidents of sexual misconduct. This course also satisfies the mandatory annual Campus SAVE Act (2014) employee training requirement.

You will receive an email from   EVERFI  indicating you have been registered for this annual training. Follow the instructions inside. You will be taken to a site to complete “ Harassment and Discrimination Prevention”.  The due date to complete this training will appear on the email.

Questions can be directed to Brenda Dixon in Human Resources at 409-880-8373 or 409-880-8375.


If you are incoming student, as mentioned, completing your first semester in college, you must complete Title IX training before you can register for classes. An email has been sent to your Lamar University account detailing the actions you should take.

Log in to your LU email account using your LEA username and password. Open the email from Lamar University titled "Title IX: Required Online Training" and follow the instructions inside. You will be taken to a site called Campus Clarity to complete "Think About It", an online course on healthy relationships, personal safety, substance abuse, sexual violence, and more.

For more information about student requirements for Title IX compliance, contact or call 409-880-8458.