Lamar University Ombuds Office

Confidential Consultation Services

As in any organization, change and conflict occur. The ombuds serves as a neutral, first-stop for faculty and staff within Lamar University to examine options for resolving disputes and seeking options for a fair and equitable outcome. 

How We Operate

  • The Ombuds Office operates as an independent, impartial, and informal voluntary resource inwhich to overcome issues. 
  • It functions outside the administration and formal chain of command.
  • Because no names or records are kept, you can express your concerns in a confidential manner. 
  • Your issues will be heard without judgment. The ombuds does not make any decisions for you but facilitates the process of helping you develop your own path toward a resolution.
  • This office offers a good first step for faculty and staff who don't know where else to turn or how to proceed.


The Ombuds Office offers a safe, voluntary, and protected place to voice concerns, evaluate situations, and identify options.

Contact the Ombudsman

Call to set up an appointment or just to talk
(409) 880-8039

What the Ombuds Does

  • Provides confidential, impartial, informal, and off-the-record dispute resolution assistance.
  • Serves as an information and communication resource for faculty and staff.
  • Promotes the highest standards of university governance and ethics.
  • Fosters a supportive, healthy, and empowering organizational culture.
  • Furthers the university’s commitment to the principles of equality and opportunity.
  • Provides a confidential and anonymous path for people to seek guidance on how to report violations of law and policies.
  • Coordinates and collaborates with the campus resources to support Lamar University employees.

What the Ombuds Does Not Do

  • Not provide legal advice
  • Not participate in formal investigations
  • Not provide psychological counseling
  • Not address non-University-related complaints or problems
  • Not make binding decisions, mandate policies, or change existing policies